Hi there from Philadelphia

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Dj Jimmy D

DJ Extraordinaire
Oct 5, 2012
Hi all. A little about myself.

I have been DJing since 1985. I got started because of a Priest who used to DJ our Grade school dances. During the events he would let me get back and spin and a feew years later when he left the parish he gave me the gear he used so I could continue on. It was just a small system but I still have that gear to this day just as a reminder of how I got started.

I have worked for a multi-op int he city for a few years and then back on my own for the last 15 years. I have done Weddings, bar/bat mitvahs (how I meet my wife) bars and nightclubs from Philly to the Jersey shore (I was the resident DJ at Joe Pops on LBI for 5 years). About 10 years ago I went from full time to part time and at that time went to strictly nightclub work and work with Citi Corp for a few years. Currently the only nightclubs I do are private adult clubs aroudn the country (they just seem to pay better). I

In the past 5 years I have also started doing music production and working with local bands to get them started.

Happy to answer any questions.
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Jeff Romard

Staff member
ODJT Supporter
Sep 4, 2006
Sydney, Nova Scotia
Hey Jimmy welcome aboard. Post away we have a pretty good bunch here. We don't always agree but it's usually a good time

It was just a small system but I still have that gear to this day just as a reminder of how I got started.
LOL I thought I was the only one who did that. My first system is still stored in my back room
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ODJT Supporter
Welcome! Share the experiences. I'm sure you'll find plenty of opportunities to help others, too.
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SoftJock Rick

Industry Icon
Dec 29, 2006
Happy to answer any questions.

What are the winning lottery numbers for this weekend...? :cheers:

Anyway, welcome aboard -- if you need DJ software or utilities, or firewood, or somebody to fall down your staircase on occasion -- contact me... :wave:
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