Help On Writing A Policies Statement


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Jul 31, 2006
Barnegat, NJ
I'm writing a policies statement for my dj's to sign. I'm trying to decide what their liability is going to be concerning my equipment that they go do jobs with. In other words, if something gets broke while in their possession, who is financially responsible? 50/50? Them solely? Me solely?

I understand normal wear and tear, but dropped speakers, dropped laptops, etc. Anyone have any good insight regarding this?


Hi Don,

I actually take on the responsibility of broken equipment. I have been fortunate in that the people that work for me are really great about taking care of my equipment. If they weren't I would let them go. I have never heard of a company that holds an employee responsible for equipment.

As far as liability they are included on my liability insurance if something happens to my client or their guests, tripping over equipment ect.

If you are concerned about theft, I have had employees give me their drivers license and social security card, I would make a copy and have them sign a statement of all the equipment they will be using.

Hope it helps.


I can understand your frustration Koz. I look at it as it is part of being a multi-op. As I said, I have been very fortunate, my guys are great with my equipment.

DJ Gray

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Oct 25, 2006
The Point is you can hold them as responsible as you want, but their ability to "pay" has to be figured In.

I agree with Carolyn, It's like any Employer/Employee relationship, if You break a piece of equipment say in a Mfg. plant, the Employee is not responsible for repairing/replacing the Equipment. So why should this be the case in your scenario?

Unless you consider them "Independent Contractors", and a "Subcontracted" relationship exists, then that's a whole different thread.............

My feeling is ......that's one of the "risk's of capital" you have as a "Capitalistic Entrepreneur"............."Cost Of Doing Business"

SoftJock Rick

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Dec 29, 2006
CDB, as Gray mentions.

I would mention though, I have never asked anyone for a DL or SS card -- I believe that goes beyond my right to know, and invades their privacy.

If I make a bad hiring decision, then I think the onus is upon myself.