Having Fun in SE Florida

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DJ Extraordinaire
Oct 1, 2014
This is a boring DJ equipment post. I've been playing around with this -


Old Numark DM950usb mixer. That's Mixvibes Cross DJ on the laptop, configured for "External Mixing" - the DJ2GO is just a midi. You might just barely see the Rane SL2 soundcard.

The 950's Crossfader is unplugged, I just use the volume faders. I had forgotten how wonderful a "Cue Fader" is to work with. Overall, fun to use, and it sounds real good. I'm also using this exact same configuration on the newest Beta releases of Serato, Traktor, and Mixxx. Serato still plays their silly game of not letting you midi-map the jogwheels, but I'll figure it out!