Got a date to use the handball court again.


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Oct 20, 2006
Long Island NY
It is a real class. 8 classes, then you do 2 shows and get a dvd of your performance. Sort of like public speaking but more difficult. Comedy isn’t easy, I have a few friends who are working comedians. I’ve seen a few comedians really die on stage at my college conferences, really brutal to watch, painful. I have to really give it to those that connect with the audience and leave them laughing out the door. Months, years later I’m still laughing at some of the stuff I’ve heard.
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Oct 16, 2011
LOL.... nah...get into the spirit of it....convince him....quick way to shut me up... im sure as his sole supporter you can find the words to persuade him that a simpler set up is in order....

its a win win

You want to shut me up. Bring your own stuff down and prove you're better rookie! LOL.
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Jeff Romard

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Sep 4, 2006
Sydney, Nova Scotia
Its funny, but you'd never guess from our posts that we only live 20 min apart.
That close? You two should hang out together...Maybe you can throw in a speaker or two for the handball court gig ;)

I will put it up against yours any day and whoever wins gets to keep everything. Do you have the balls to do it?
Be glad to what exactly are we measuring? Sound quality? SPL? Looks?

I'll make it fair for you lets go SPL it's the only one that's not objective


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Jun 12, 2018
Whatever scaredy cat.
lol...get real....if i had never thrown away an old beat up speaker or amp since i started djing in 91... bought a couple earthquakes that were on their last leg at a yardsale.... i would have the same pile of crap you got.... instead ive tossed out or sold worthless speakers to suckers like you over the years...

Now i have exactly what i need to do an upscale event....pristine...with covers.... and im not tryin to drag equipment to a hot park on a sunday to play for free to 5 fat ladies sitting in folding chairs...

All praise to you....youve cornered that market....