Finally getting business


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Aug 2, 2018
Walker Michigan
After taking a long hiatus from being a DJ (mostly to rebuild my equipment, and focus on personal things), I am finally getting business. I just signed my second contract for a wedding this October, the first is for a wedding this august. I am wondering if there is any advice for getting more gigs, and for making sure these go smoothly. I already know that I need a website, and I am working on one, but I am a bit short of photos at the moment to make my page look nice (I refuse to use stock photos). I also am advertising on Facebook.


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Sep 7, 2016
(I refuse to use stock photos)
I started my site with stock photos and replaced them as I got more of my gigs to share instead. A few of the stock photos still live and are indistinguishable from the others unless you're really paying attention.

Where is your Facebook ad leading people? It's normally not a great idea to spend money on the top of the funnel if your conversion tools (things like your site that can turn a visitor into a lead) aren't up and running. But you might just be trying to create contact on Facebook itself.

A bit part of it will ultimately be networking. Find other vendors in the space you want to work in. If you focus on weddings... go find a Tuesday's Together group, or some other local vendor network. But know that most people are in-season right now and a lot of the networking really happens from January - March. Most pros that are up and running are at full speed trying to take care of their clients.

Jeff Romard

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Sep 4, 2006
Sydney, Nova Scotia
Things are starting to look more promising for my business, I was just requested for another wedding in june of next year. I am relieved that my hard work is finally paying off.
Keep at it it's a marathon not a sprint