Filling music gaps

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Sep 2, 2023
Good Morning everyone

First time posting here, I’m a retired DJ, out of the loop for over 10 years.

Im getting back into the swing of things on a limited basis, I’ve been asked to do some corporate events and such. My go to platform is Traktor pro and I just picked up a Traktor S3 to have some fun with. I typically pair that with some QSC K10s and I’m off to the races ( minus the lighting of course)

My question is about music, with my being out of the biz for 10+years I’ve got a significant gap in my music that Im not sure how to fix. Most of the music services I’ve found offer some backdating but not as far back as I’d like to go and I’m hoping to not have to purchase individual months

Traktor (and Serato I believe) won’t play music downloaded from Apple Music so I was wondering if there was a DJ pool in existence that will allow me to selectively fill the gaps?
Welcome to the board Juice if you get a chance say Hi in the introductions thread.

I don't know where you are from but you could check with Xtendamix They have an extensive back catalogue. It's all video but it's easy to convert to audio and then you have both. Tell them Jeff sent you :)
Hi Jeff, thanks for the info, I did things backwards. Posted my question and then introduced myself lol.

Im from Sudbury, Ontario Canada.

Nice I'm down on the East coast Sydney Nova Scotia
How much is it?

I pay $50 Canadian for 100 downloads a month so that would be less than $40 American. There are other packages also