Fastest booking yet for gig over $1k

Jan 30, 2017
Got an inbound request on my site yesterday afternoon, emailed back to set up a phone call that yesterday evening, spoke at 9pm for 15 minutes and sent contract that night... I received the deposit (half the total) earlier this afternoon!

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DJ Ricky B

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Mar 9, 2015
I had one one time where the first email said "Hi, I want to book you for my 40th birthday party! Are you available June XX "

Answer was yes, and I asked her for her info for the agreement, and the next day sent her an agreement. Check was in the mail with signed agreement about 5 days later.

I wish more were like that lol
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Dec 9, 2009
Hendersonville, TN
I think my fastest was like, 15 minutes. Email inquiry, I replied back with availability and ask if they want me to send paperwork. They reply "Yes" and I sent an e-invoice (Square). They paid immediately. Why some of you guys are still sending paper invoices/contracts, I'll never know.
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Jan 30, 2017
Congrats on the new biz!

Do you have anything you can attribute it to? Did the client see enough of your work online, was it a referral?
Thank you!
Honestly, I wish I knew the exact search phrase that found me and which specific aspect made the sell.
They said they were searching for DJs on Google, found my website, liked the look, listened to and liked my music, appreciated my prompt response, and we had a nice conversation.
Some people don't seem to need much and others require multiple conversations to make a decision.
Not all sales are going to be the same and sometimes, like another wedding I almost booked, they decide to go in a different direction - and won't tell you until you follow-up.
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