Enclosed trailer owners... Question for you

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DJ Forbes

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Jul 30, 2021
Thinking about purchasing an enclosed trailer specifically for my DJ business. Currently, all of my equipment sits in an attached garage. I live in Pennsylvania. In the winter, my garage may reach temps around 40-45F. I'm very careful and always allow my gear to acclimate or "warm up" before using when doing events during the colder months. My laptop stays in the house, obviously.

If I purchase a trailer, ideally, I'd like to leave everything in it and free up my garage space. Those of you who own trailers, do you leave stuff in the trailer during hot/cold temps and if so, have you seen any issues? I've read up on this a bit and nobody seems to have much issue with it, but I wanted to ask here any ways.

Any thoughts?

Just for the record, I'm looking at a 6x12' single axle trailer with the extra height option. It has a 36" man-door on the side and a ramp door on the back.

Thanks all.
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Just for the record, I'm looking at a 6x12' single axle trailer with the extra height option. It has a 36" man-door on the side and a ramp door on the back.
This size trailer has work great for me. Not overly hard to maneuver. Do have a ramp door on the rear and has worked out great . Man door comes in handy.
My building I rent has no heat. Stored my equipment in that building for close to 20 years without any issues. Stored equipment also in three vans and a 5X8 trailer with no issues. That is my experience. No signage may have helped with no thief. Forgot, I warm equipment up in the winter before use.
Back in the CD days I learned real quick to warm up after I fogged up my laser :djsmug:
I have a small 5x8 and I store my gear in it all year. I've found that Sumner is worse than Winter, due to condensation. I was going to put vents in it, but that only helps with circulation if it's moving. My trailer has not moved since 2020..
Another trailer user here (5x10) and equipment stored in it year round. Trailer has been indoors and outdoors in all weather - though I keep it indoors as much as possible. I also have no signage - and I also believe this helps protect against a would be thief. When towing, I also use a hitch lock and a tongue lock. In storage mode, I use a coupler lock.
Like many mentioned above, I used a trailer for 15-20 years. IF I should ever decide I need another, some things I would either repeat/add-on:
1) order direct from the manufacturer to include maximum insulation in the walls, ceiling, AND the floor box (crucial for cold & wintry climates such as upstate NY);
2) dual axles and load level "D" tires instead of the usual load level "C"*;
3) electric brakes (I believe surge brakes are no longer allowed by law);
4) 115v AC inside & outside connections;
5) at least 3 interior overhead lights and two exterior 12v led floods (front and back) to facilitate late night loads and unhooking.
6) spare tire accommodation;

* I blew a tire on the Mass Pike during a very hot summer day. Blew off my fender and tossed it into oncoming traffic. Single axle allowed for the edge of the trailer to drag on the ground sending showers of sparks. Had to unload the entire trailer on the narrow side of the Pike in order to change the tire. The entire process took an hour and a half to complete. Had I been going to a gig and not just returning from one, I would've been in deep contractual poop, something that terrorizes my mind even after 44 years of this biz. Dual axles would be my highest priority, business-wise.