DJ needed in West Yellowstone MT

DJ Ricky B

DJ Extraordinaire
Mar 9, 2015
Taso does destination weddings. $8,000, perhaps a bit less might be able to get him out there for a Luxe wedding that no DJ in Montana can provide... It's only like a 32+ hour drive non stop...Might be within budget for anextraordinary Tuesday wedding :)

Chuck's in Northern Cali...He might be willing to do that drive for the right price! :)

So Cal Hugh

DJ Extraordinaire
Mar 8, 2008
Cheyenne, WY
So, I checked with my friend. One of you took this job and did an AMAZING job for my friends! I can't thank you enough.

The problem is that she couldn't remember your name or your company name. I want to thank you, but don't know who you are!!

Love this stuff.