DJ Expo 2019

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DJ Extraordinaire
Oct 20, 2006
Long Island NY
Yes, I can’t believe it’s been 30 years. Made it to all 30 for at least one day. Only here for two days this year but hopefully I’ll win something. A couple of interesting items. The Yorkville Synergy speaker system. A large powered system that hit like a freight train. The whole eight box system ran off of one 20 amp breaker. The Jamz Lighting booth looked good I have to head back to check it out. ADJ booth with its LED panels looked impressive, eventually, I’ll make it happen. And I have to give big props to the booth to use the wireless headphones for the DJ demos. Finally, a vendor that use some common sense. Finally Rock N roller R18, much larger than my R10s but I am not sure it will fit in the van where the current carts are stored. But I would definitely be able to fit much more on it. Generally the first is a walk-thru and the second day I follow up. And in the middle of all of this Bryan finds time to study. Good kid880829C1-26EC-4015-A372-04D53419FCCC.jpegA9B6C9F9-90F6-451E-BC4C-3B22D75A0319.jpeg5A0CCCE6-C3B2-4A47-9E8A-935399FFC9A4.jpegE2D002A7-77C6-4679-8973-976D70CB9476.jpegF5A5525D-96A2-47C9-A1E5-5ED896083EC4.jpeg