Covid changed society or is it my Van?

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Apr 17, 2015
Western Pennsylvania
Everybody here said to not put my name/logo on my van. I did anyway.

Now, in the 8 or 9 years I've been DJing i've gotten 2 tips I think, maybe 3.
Until I got the van, or is it covid? 9 out or 10 times i"m getting tips - like 20% sized tips.

Same gear, same music, same prices, some process on my end...perhaps I got a LOT better...but I can't say I've changed anything.

SO society and covid (in which case you will also see this) or it's the van.
Whatever it is, keep doing it. TIps are nice. I would say that I received in well more than 50% of my gigs but I never really kept tabs on it. I once even got a $400 tip on a gig that I had donated as a raffle to a local charity. That was a pleasant surprise.

These days, most local venues add a 21% mandatory tip for their staff. Most restaurants charge 18% minimum tip for parties over 8 or more people. Too bad that trend has never made it to the world of DJs.
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Everybody here said to not put my name/logo on my van

Not everybody ;) I always thought it was a great idea I didn't expect it would get you tips though