Cold Sparks / Indoor Sparklers

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Feb 25, 2020
Hi Guys, I just wanted to raise awareness on these machines. There's quite a few manufactures out there that provide these, however avoid the cheap brands and stick to the expensive brands which will be more reliable and safer to use.

I didn't follow my own advise and paid the price for it.

One of my Equinox (Prolight) spark stream units caught fire during my 9 year old Daughters birthday party last weekend.

They are on for 90 minutes and active for 4 x 10 - 15 second bursts. On the last burst of the day I noticed thick black smoke and flames coming from the spark outlet. I quickly disconnected the powercon and got the unit outside. One of the guests filmed it on fire outside and sent me the footage.

I had to put the fire out with an extinguisher as kids and parents were coming out to see.

It also has burnt 2 panels on a starlit dance floor too which has become costly! So not as safe and cold as they would have us believe. Again I stress this is only the Prolight brand and not the "proper" ones.

Lesson is, I'd only trust the big names Showven or MagicFX. Any other brand please be careful.

Additionally although they are selling these as non pyrotechnics, check your PLI provider as they often (almost certainly) won't be covered under standard PLI - that's certainly the case here in the UK so please check.

Hope this helps someone one now or in the future making a costly or deadly mistake. :(