Christmas gift to yourself?

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DJ Extraordinaire
Dec 9, 2009
Hendersonville, TN
I ran across a deal this morning that I couldn't pass up. Walmart had an online clearance for an Alesis Nitro Mesh drum kit for $79. Obviously, I don't have need for it but I do like banging on drums and thought this would make a fun little something for my nights all alone at the house. Anybody else treating themselves this Christmas?



DJ Extraordinaire
Feb 9, 2008
Taunton MA
Just $79? That's more than a steal - congrats! I've got a Roland set that I bought used just before the pandemic hit - I love to play it.

I had some work done to my piano (a Howard/Baldwin baby grand) a few weeks ago - had it regulated and tuned. That's pretty much my gift to myself this year, and it was so worth it. The piano sounds better than ever and is so much more enjoyable to play.


DJ Extraordinaire
ODJT Supporter
Sep 7, 2016
That's a really great price for electric drums. I spent a considerable amount of money on my Roland eDrum kit. I've been playing (casually) since I was about 6 years old, so there were a few of their more premium features that I really wanted. But for goofing off, that Alesis kit is a nice purchase.


Alive & kickin
ODJT Supporter
Feb 6, 2007
central Ohio
I didn't buy myself anything.... which I normally do. Maybe I'll build an ar-10 this winter.... ;-)
Sounds like a fun build? Why wait till Christmas to buy myself someting? I buy all year long for myself :djsmug:


Gold Plated Productions
Oct 21, 2008
Bethlehem PA
You know, for as much as I hated getting socks and underwear for Christmas as a kid...
I am at the age where clothing is a great gift.

I got two gift cards, and treated myself to
a new winter jacket
a pair of snow gloves
a pair of work gloves
a pair of driving gloves
a pair of snow bibs
a pair of work shoes
and a pair of sneakers.

DJ Extraordinaire
Dec 9, 2009
Hendersonville, TN
Update: The package never showed up and the vendor didn't replace it. Have filed a claim with paypal to get my money back (bummer). I ended up finding a used set of Simmons drums and have plans to pick them up this afternoon. Fingers crossed.