Bet you've never heard THIS one before


DJ Extraordinaire
Jun 12, 2018
i will agree ive been in the peanut gallery mentality in some macho man threads before... as ya do...

But i think this has been a very civil discussion... and feel that if every thread that an OP isnt getting the answer he wants is locked down... especially a thread thats stayed fully on topic....well...thats counterproductive



DJ Extraordinaire
Mar 20, 2008
P.S. We have ZERO evidence to support any claim that this originating inquiry was even remotely worthy of the unprofessional response it was given.

I hope others can glean from the continued conversation/exchange that treating potential clients with such disdain and prejudice is deserving of rebuttal and denunciation.


Veni, Vidi, Lusi
Staff member
Sep 26, 2011
Prospect, CT

Is this the new criteria, that OPs get to determine when threads are closed or will continued and civil discourse be the determining factor because I see no uncivil discourse, 'cept for the peanut gallery smack...from the OP oddly enough.
Um, no .. as long as we don't get too personal ...