Best Era Of Music

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What is the best era of music

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DJ Extraordinaire
Mar 7, 2020
Please feel free to do the poll or write your opinions in the comments. Also this is a re-make of my previous thread as i messed up but hopefully it will be deleted by one of the moderator's.

Scott Hanna

DJ Extraordinaire
ODJT Supporter
Oct 25, 2006
Cleveland, OH
Pretty sure most people will pick the era they grew up in. There will be the occasional person who likes a different decade, but for most, the decade they grew up in will be the best😄.

People remember the good songs from that/those decades, and forget the bad stuff.... And will use it as proof why their decade was so much better than the current decade😄.

Ton of great music out today. And yes, lots of awful stuff too. Like every decade had.


No Matter Where You Go... There You Are!
Oct 21, 2008
Bethlehem PA
I was born in 1963, so music of my era is the 80's.

But I chose the 50's thru the 70's.
It was truly uncharted territory, so ANYTHING was possible.
And it peaked in the 70's, with a huge variety of genres.

After the 70's were over....somebody figured out there was a "formula"
and record companies were more concerned with making good money, rather than making good music.


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Oct 16, 2011
For me it was when you didn't have to worry if a song had a clean version or not and when artists had real talent. Not someone fooling around in a studio doctoring up people's voices to make them sound good.


DJ Extraordinaire
Oct 16, 2011
I went to a bar. The bar was on the corner of 9th street and South Orange Avenue. I went in there seeing what it was about. The guy at the door had a wand that everytime I came back in he checked me. The place was real small. On the jukebox all the music played was hardcore gangster rap music. I can't say exactly what the songs said. They kept calling women B's, talking about having anal sex with women and women performing oral sex on the women. Not to mention other things.

Some will say there's no such music as gangster rap. There certainly is and it's beyond vulgar! I have heard people riding in their cars blasting this music. The sad part is the women in that bar were screaming at the songs excited about those songs. I heard some woman got shot and killed outside that bar. I knew that was not the place for me. I never went back there again. It's a barber shop now. I just remember the time that stuff would have not been accepted and you wouldn't have anyone making such songs.

The argument is times have changed. I say we need to go back to old school where for example you couldn't call a woman the B word or you would get your butt kicked.