Best Bang-for-Buck Lighting Upgrades?

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DJ Extraordinaire
Jun 11, 2018
After some time off, I'm getting back into the swing of things with some teen/school dances coming up. My current light setup is four LED PAR lights, two Chauvet Swarm 5 multi-effects, and an LED Bar (I got rid of the weak laser thing in the pic). Also a fog machine. All controlled off a PC running QLC+.

What's the best bang-for-the-buck upgrade to add on to the setup for, say, <$500?



DJ Extraordinaire
Apr 4, 2017
Nothing... an investment should produce a return. Nothing I can think of that's under $500 that will get you money back or that you can charge for. I'd save a little more... say about $1500-$2000 and get a moving head and trussing system. Then you can offer a no lighting option, and a high end lighting option (don't ever do a mediocre option). You can get an extra $200-$300 for the add-on and get your money back in ten events. Or you can save $2-$2500 for uplighting and charge $500-$750 for that depending on your market, and sell that as an add-on and keep the current lighting system you have as your standard option.

As you can see, I never liked the concept of "effect" lighting as they provide no value or business benefit.