Anyone try this software out before ?

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RIP- My Dad (2011), Sister (2013) and Mum (2017)


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Jun 26, 2018
I have it installed on one of my booths. It's Ok. The reason why I went with that software at the time is because it was the only one that met my requirements back in 2013-2014 when I purchased it and also was one of the few vendors who would support both Nikon and Canon cameras. Most photobooth software packages have come a long way since and can take just about whatever hardware you throw at it within reason now.

That booth is nearing the end of it's usable life - hopefully I'll be rebuilding it over the winter. I've purchased Darkroom Booth to install on the new computer, but have not yet done anything with it because it will require taking everything offline, testing, retraining operators etc. and I can not afford the interruption in workflow during wedding season.
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RIP- My Dad (2011), Sister (2013) and Mum (2017)
Thanks all - I am looking at whats out there thats why I asked


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Oct 20, 2006
Long Island NY
I use the lumabooth app from them. Simple & easy to use. I needed something easy to use since photobooth isn’t really one of my main services. It works & I got started right away using the booth. The monthly charge is $19.95 or $200 a year. The S/W which came with my booth was a nightmare to use and I never got it to work sending text or email. So far Lumabooth is the only one out of a bunch I tried which worked smoothly. One other I liked but it was way too pricey for my needs.
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