Anyone heard the new RCF EVOX J8 ?

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Active DJ
Oct 21, 2016
Mikey, the Bose 32 and the J8 have the same SPL. How does the sound quality compare. Is a pair of the 32's worth the extra $4000?
I think the sound quality on both are very good, but they are different and very subjective. I bought the BOSE for something different and I thought it might be nice to just do a gig with less to carry, less space needed, etc. If money was no object for you, then maybe the BOSE is worth the $$$$
For me, probably not. I have a good day job and I still would probably not buy two Pro32's
I think Bose did a great job with the new L1 Pro series stuff and they sound more robust than ever before if you ask me. That sold me on at least buying the one unit.