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Jan 25, 2015
I say this often... no one will tell you they want something different. They'll just look at other options. We're blinded because we only get the inquiries that are comfortable with how we do things... and not necessarily hearing the other side. You'll never hear about brides wanting their own dj until it's too late and your inquiries are dwindling because of the limited customization available in one of the most crucial areas of planning an event... the entertainment.

Anyways... I'll go back to my other point... who posts about a venue... NOT the caterers. Its DJ's (and the more dj's you bring in the more eyes your venue is exposed to), photographers/videographers, bakeries taking photos of their cake at your venue, and decorators. Those are the vendors you want to get in, especially for in house shows. The other MAJOR source of exposure is the GUESTS. Many venues around here have focal points that virtually everyone takes photos in front of... whether its flower walls, fountains, MASSIVE FLOWERS, hallways etc... you need to create something that people want to get in front of and be known for. For example... the venetian around here has in its entrance way a large flower vase that changes often with different flowers. I attached a photo of me and my wife there as reference to get the idea of what captivates. If you go on instagram and search the location of the Venetian (not the page... but the location), you'll see everyone posting photos from the same spot. And everyone knows that when they see it...its the Venetian... and if they don't know where it is, they'll search because they'll see that photo over and over from many people. You need to create something like that.
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To the final part of your marketing. You need to excite. If you're gonna do price do something more generic like Wedding Reception Rentals for as Low as XXXX! If you're gonna post pictures, bring in the areas best photographer... don't rely on yourselves... there's always someone better. Do a video walk through of the venue. Your website is still all wrong. Your headline is Free Photo Booth... I'm booking a venue! I could care less about photo booths. Make the headline, 2020 rentals as low as $$$$. Here's a wesbite from a venue in NJ that I consider to be more low-mid tier style and is about the grounds more than anything its a night and day difference.
Damn Taso you married up fo sho! Beautiful lady you got there!


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Oct 16, 2011
Let me say this. I get your concerns when it comes to another DJ doing an event at your venue. That DJ may not be the polished DJ you are. What you will find out as you already know there are good and bad DJs out there. Some that don't know how to dress for a certain type of event, have poor equipment and not know how to entertain a crowd. Think of it this way. Haven't you been to an event that the DJ was lousy? These things happen.

Your concern should be about not alienating people from wanting to have an event in your venue. You want to make it a friendly place that people will want to have their event there. So you should leave them with who they want to do their event. If it's you fine. If not still fine. So long as they book your venue to have their event in and you can pay your bills should be your top priority.

I would suggest for outside vendors that you have policies in place for them to abide by. Not to strict that a vendor will refuse to work there while at the same time protecting you and your venue.

You never know who may refer someone to your venue. Just keep in mind you're just starting out. So it's going to take time to build on things. Just keep pushing and don't give up.