Alto TS312 vs EV Live-X 12

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DJ Extraordinaire
Oct 16, 2011
Let me say generally you get what you pay for. I can tell the difference between the Altos and QSC's. The QSC's have better compoments in them and sound much better. They are less likely to have a problem when pushed to a certain point. The QSC speaker will have a more powerful amp inside and the speakers inside themselves will be much better to handle the amp inside.

I look at it this way. If you can buy a speaker to DJ with that you pay only $250 for brand new, something is up because the manufactuer and the dealer selling the speaker must be making some kind of profit or else they would go out of business. So the profit from a speaker costing $250 can't be much.

My partner bought a pair of Mackie Thumps years ago and tried to convince me to buy a pair. That thought never entered my mind! He just recent blew a woofer in one of the speakers driving it too hard. He replaced the speakers inside with the Peavey Black Widow speakers inside the cabinets of the Peavey speakers. He said they sound better now because the Black Widow speakers are inside. Besides that those cabs are made of plastic. Big difference from cabs made of wood with serious components inside.

I can side with him if he needed speakers and couldn't afford a brand like QSC then OK. Now if he had the money and could afford to buy the QSC speakers why wouldn't he considering the many years experience he has as a DJ?

I bought the Yamaha DSR 115 speakers because it was an investment. When I bought them they cost me $1,500 for the pair. So far other the issue with the outside look of the speakers that happened that some of you no, I have never had to replace any components inside the speaker. I have had them roughly for 10 years. Maybe 11 years. I never regret buying those speakers! They are not light at all and yet they have been rock solid every since I bought them!!!