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Kirby Ball

We were able to set up our booth tonight for tomorrow's Bridal Show. Here's a quick shot of the booth (double booth). We had 4 new canvas collages made for this show. As of earlier today, they had a little over 300 brides registered.

- - - Updated - - -

This year for our "giveaways" we had a local shop prepare 2 "Pamper Yourself" baskets with all sorts of "girlie" stuff in them.

Just using the Carvin speakers powered by our Carvin 12 channel powered mixer (underneath the table) with a MP3 player providing the background music. Some basic uplighting in dark pink for accent lighting.


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I admire you, Kirby. I just don't have the patience for Bridal Shows anymore.
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This is the only one we've scheduled to be in at this point. The promoter for this one is talking about doing a show in August in Decatur, IL and we "might" do that one. We've done as many as 5-6 a year and have made the decision to work with this group as they do the best job of all the shows that we've participated in over the years.
I know you did not ask but a couple of Picture Lights over the Framed Pieces will go a long way into highlighting the Photography on display. Not only does it draw attention to the Photos but it helps to brighten your Booth. I will assume that you get your Canvas Transfers on a wholesale basis, meaning that you get a Trade Discount. If you are paying retail, you are losing money. Same for your frames, if you want a Picture Light, Ready Made Frames For Canvas and Canvas Transfer contact, PM me and I will give you some sources. Just make sure you do your Photographs/Transfers in standard sizes and there will be Frames Ready to fit without Custom cutting. Here is a good Frame Supplier to start.