AES Conference 2018


DJ Extraordinaire
Oct 20, 2006
Long Island NY
I made my annual trip to the AES conference in New York City. This year the conference was held the same time NAB show so one pass got you into both. There wasn't very much stuff related to us and I think majority of the major audio companies were at LDI in Vegas. Really only two items stood out the first was LED panels from Leyard. What was nice about these panels is they were carbon fiber, super thin & light weight. I have been keep a eye on the ADJ & Chauvet panels since most of what I do involves video. These Leyard panels were about 1/3 the weight and whole LED Display I was told was under 250lb. Designed for rental market and one person assembly. They also have a LED dance floor version. Of course I all of this isn't as inexpensive as the ADJ/Chauvet stuff.IMG_6525.jpg
The second was the Nexo audio systems which they demonstrated four systems ranging from small to large. But nothing which would not fit into my van. The largest system going into well the 140db range. The Nexo system used a processor controlled amps to power the speakers. So if you're a person like me who hesitant about some of the larger powered speakers this is a great compromise. Even the smallest system with a 10" sub & small satellite speaker hit harder than anything I've hear in that size category. Each Progressive system got larger but was modular allowing the system to be expanded. This reminded me of the Dynacord Cobra systems where you get a high-quality high output system which is compact and easy to operate.