Adding live chat to your website?

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DJ Ricky B

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Mar 9, 2015
You know how when you go onto some DJ retailer websites like IDJNOW.COM or PSSL and the Chat box pops up asking if they can help you find anything. This is probably like that.

I actually used that chat last time I was on to talk with a customer service rep on there. ...I suppose SOME people who have time on their hands and want to converse NOW may use it.

The only issue I can see is if you do not respond right away or within a few minutes, then they may be turned off by the lack of timely response on the chat tool ...You may also get some fakers just bsing using the tool as well which would also be wasting your time with responses.

I can see where some brides/grooms may look at it as a cool way to get a quote, or initiate conversation though.


DJ Extraordinaire
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Jun 12, 2018
i think people are savvy and suspicious of this sort of thing...i normally figure its a bot...or some outsourced indian lady

... its also got that when you go to a car lot... and just want to glance around...check some price tags...kick a couple tires...and the salesman come running... and hover around you...

if im browsing websites...thats exactly what i want to do...browse...unencumbered ...with no hassle... if i truely want to contact the business....the contact tab is always there when im ready to talk...


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Dec 9, 2009
Hendersonville, TN
FWIW, my venue website (Wix) already has live chat built-in. Not sure how useful it's going to be as it sends an email to notify me and by the time I can respond, I suspect most people will already be gone. It'll be another couple of months before I start promoting that site so no way to tell what affect (if any) it will have with prospects.

Hank Davidson

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Nov 15, 2006
Boston, MA
I agree with Chris' take on this and I'll add my opinion that most people aren't even visiting vender websites as much as they are facebook pages. The majority of
people use their smart phones for everything. It's just easier to browse what's at hand and familiar. Live messaging is a built-in option for facebook pages and even if you're not at the computer, you'll get instant notifications or requests to all of your linked devices.

Dan The Man

Staff member
Jul 20, 2006
New York
I hate chat pop up boxes
Same here. The few times I've interacted with them it has ALWAYS turned into a 'Sorry we're not available right now" message that basically drops you into a contact form. If I were really going to get real time information I wouldn't mind them as much. It seems a lot of sites sites bait and switch with the immediacy of talking now but dropping you into a contact form to capture the lead data without giving the customer what they seek - information right now.
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