$25 NAMM Passes plus great education line up


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Nov 10, 2006
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Some of you may know that I have been highly involved with the Audio Engineering Society (AES) for many years. This year we (AES) are again collaborating with the folks at NAMM to provide expert technical training at the NAMM show. Our event is called [email protected] and takes place all four days at the Anaheim Hilton right next to the convention center. Yours truly is the business manager for this event.

[email protected] offers classes on line arrays, wireless mics, standard mics, live sound, system optimization, studio recording and more. The class schedule is shown here [email protected] - (https://www.namm.org/thenammshow/2019/events/education/aes). [email protected] registration is separate from NAMM registration. However, [email protected] attendees can register for the NAMM show for just $25.

If you've never attended NAMM... it is a candy store for MI (musical instrument) industry. If it gets sold in a Guitar Center or other music store, it is on display at this show. There is a lot of DJ gear, speakers, lights, etc. You are sure to see many celebrities each year as well such as Stevie Wonder (who by-the-way is a real prick who never waves back to me even though i wave to him every year). However, sometimes it is the celebrity wanna-bes that make this show more interesting.===

For those that never attended an AES event... This is a geek-fest where you interact with the people that design the gear you use, not the salesman. You want to learn about class-D amps, why not meet the founder of Powersoft. Want to learn about properly covering a room with sound, meet the guys at AMFG, makers of the EASE predictive software. Want to learn about changes in the wireless spectrum, meet some of the people that meet directly with the FCC.



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Sep 26, 2011
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Wish this were at NYC ... sigh ..
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