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Wireless Transmitter To Projector

Discussion in 'DJ Lighting & Special Effects' started by ahoustondj, Dec 12, 2011.

  1. ahoustondj

    ahoustondj Well-Known Member

    Is there such a thing as a wireless transmitter from lets say a Laptop/Video Player to a Projector? Has anyone ever used one or know of someone who does?
    At my Gig this past weekend I was not too partial to having the Projector & Screen in my setup area as it made things look too congested. The best place for it would have been across the room but I was not about to run over 100' of video cable.
    Thanks in advance for your replies.

    Will something like this work?

  2. DJ SVO

    DJ SVO Well-Known Member

    I have one like the second link. I thought it would make things easier. It works fine until a microwave is turned on or I get a call to my cell phone. I just forgot about doing it like that and went to an HDMI cable and if I need to run one to a screen that's 30 ft. away I plug to a small electronic module and use CAT 5 cables to another electronic module and back to HDMI, it works like a charm.
  3. ahoustondj

    ahoustondj Well-Known Member

    I see a need for it now more and more. As I go to different venues that have doorways, entry doors etc, the last thing I want to do is run cable on the floor across these pathways. Even if they are taped down, it still becomes a trip hazard. I could use this kind of device at almost every application using the clients Projectors or TVs. As you have stated, the interference from Cell Phones etc can create an embarrassment. Maybe some units are better than others. That is what I am trying to find out. I am trying to eliminate the cables all together.
  4. Well-Known Member

    Doubtful about the first link but the 2nd, forget it. I've been shopping these a while and it appears you're talking $500-$1000 to get anything near decent. I've got a 50 ft VGA cable that I use a few places but frankly, I like keeping the projector nearby so I can keep an eye on it. Guests just have a nasty habit of bumping into or fooling around with projectors.

    I'd love to come up with a good single transmitter to multiple receiver solution. It'd be killer to be able to scatter multiple projectors and/or TVs around the venue. Could make a premium up-sell but logistically I think you'd have to have wireless to make it work (reasonably).
  5. ahoustondj

    ahoustondj Well-Known Member

    Well I won't be providing the Projector or TV. Almost all the Bars, Clubs and venues in Houston have Projectors Installed in the ceiling or TVs somewhere in the Club. I just want to get the video feed to the Screen. I don't necessarily have to have it in multiples. If there is going to be a screen in my immediate area then I'll "hard wire" it!
  6. drzinc

    drzinc Trini missing JTV

    Canute you need something like this, good for 100 feet...
  7. ahoustondj

    ahoustondj Well-Known Member

    That looks like a good one, however, I will feel safer with transmission no less than 200' as these Clubs/Venues in Houston are very large.
  8. Scott Harris

    Scott Harris Well-Known Member

    Wireless video? WTH? Are your speakers too close to each other? :triwink:

    This technology is not for business use unless the application is low resolution, low detail and short distance with no interference. It may work for something like large font text (scary-o-key), but photographic images or video require hard video wired cabling, preferably digital signaling and if the distance is over 20 feet it should be converted to cat6 cabling or preferably fiber. If you are serious about 200 feet, that really has to be fiber. This is what we use for anything over 20 feet:
  9. drzinc

    drzinc Trini missing JTV

    200 foot range will cost you a bit for wireless.
  10. Tyrone Blue

    Tyrone Blue DMX professional

    e-bay has them. I have several around my house, and they work pretty good. I have some on surveilance camers out in my garage, and the image is acceptable. Expect to pay about $400 for a decient one. Search "Audio Video Transmitter".
  11. ahoustondj

    ahoustondj Well-Known Member

  12. Well-Known Member

  13. Abbey Lane

    Abbey Lane Active Member

    I'm using the Igear GUW2015VKIT Wireless USB to VGA Adapter Kit seen at:

    I tried it for Karaoke from about ten feet away and there is a small time lag, but I think no one notices for Karaoke. However when I tried it for music videos you could really notice the difference. I stayed with the cable for videos.

    Let me know what you decide and how it works out. Maybe yours is better.
  14. ahoustondj

    ahoustondj Well-Known Member

    The only cables I don't mind having to run from my area is my speaker cables. at least 50' per side no less than 25' per side . With video, I want the screen as far away from me as possible unless I am at an area with a large stage. I do not like the congested look of speakers and screens near my booth.
  15. Ausumm

    Ausumm Day Late and a Dollar Short

    you could get one of those huge telescoping masts that TV stations have on the back of their trucks
    with the big microwave or antenna array at the top...

    I work with a lot of the camera guys from the local TV stations who cover the festivals in our area
    every camera is hard wired, wth an extra guy following the camera to wrangle the wires.

    I'd bet if there was a cost effective and size-sensible solution, they would be using it
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