Wireless head set for fitness instructor

Discussion in 'DJ Gear' started by tunes4046, Oct 4, 2013.

  1. tunes4046

    tunes4046 Well-Known Member

    Hey gang,
    My wife is a fitness instructor and has just gotten to the point where she will need a wireless head worn system looking for suggestion in the under $500 range
  2. steve149

    steve149 Urbane Legend

    These folks specialize in that area .. maybe you can get some ideas: Their prices can usually be beaten elsewhere except for some of their specialty products which are exclusive. (They also sell packages: )

    There's 2 parts to the equation ... a headset that stands up to the bouncing and sweat .. and a bodypack that does the same. There are also headsets that have the transmitter attached, but they are bulky usually (except maybe for the Samson Airline). I like the AT 3000 system for reliability and you can get a bodypack system for $400 ( ) .. then add whatever headset she would prefer.
  3. DJ J Mac

    DJ J Mac Bork Bork Bork!

    Give Ben or Kat a call up at NLFX Pro. They can lay out several different options for you.
  4. soundinmotiondj

    soundinmotiondj Active Member

    The EV RE2 system with the BPU2 and the HM2 headset is in that price range. I use them with professional dance instructors. There is not quite as much bouncing or sweat compared to a fitness instructor...but there is still more than average range of motion, and heavy breathing.

    There are a LOT of combo units in that same price range. I like the HM2 headset...the mic is relatively sensitive, and has a decent wind screen included.
  5. tunes4046

    tunes4046 Well-Known Member

    I am thinking I would like something she can use and maybe I can buy a handheld or lav if I needed to use it also
  6. steve149

    steve149 Urbane Legend

    Almost any of the better Shure, Audio-Technica, EV and Sennheiser sets would fit that need.
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  7. prodjay

    prodjay Active Member

    I have a new RE2 back pack I got for a project that never started. I would be willing to sale. The only thing is I did not get any mic with it. Just the receiver and back pack.
  8. Well-Known Member

    Gtd 700 series, 2 channel. The lav comes with a headset Mic. $180
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  9. steve149

    steve149 Urbane Legend

    My only reservation with the GTD stuff is the handhelds and the bodypacks are made of a lighterweight plastic and may not stand up to the bouncing, dropping and sweating of a fitness instructor.
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  10. Well-Known Member

    The handhelds are plastic and the concern is valid. Not so much on the bodypacks. They're just as tough as other bodypacks I've seen/used. The headsets are behind-the-ear style.
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