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Welcome Joker!

Discussion in 'Our DJ Talk Front Desk' started by Big Dan, Jan 30, 2010.

  1. Big Dan

    Big Dan Administrator Staff Member

    Welcome to ODJT Joker! ODJT, is the best place on the web to talk shop with DJs from all over the world. :red:
  2. Kirby Ball

    Kirby Ball Guest

    Greetings and Welcome aboard the ODJT forums, Joker! :clap:
  3. DJ SVO

    DJ SVO Well-Known Member

  4. eezee

    eezee Active Member

    Welcome! Stop by and say hi.
  5. MMM

    MMM Member

    Grab a cold one and pull up a stool...good to have you here!!
  6. DJ JohnThe1

    DJ JohnThe1 Well-Known Member


    Welcome to the board. Great place we have here.
  7. Ruben Mora

    Ruben Mora Active Member

    Great another Joker! Welcome!
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