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  1. Capital Disc Jockeys

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    I have to agree with Cap's post. I too would rather see a party end on a high note than going into 6-7 hours and a fights breaks out. They will all remember that.

    If our contract is 5 hours, and the person wishes to want OT, they must let us know 1/2 prior. Not 5 minutes before. We also don't have anywhere to go and we are flexible.

    Our OT rate is 1/2 hour increments. We base it on our hourly rate and 1/2.

    Hence, $150 per 1/2 hour.

    Around our area, I've heard other DJs get as low as $125 per hour for OT.
  2. DJ Zac

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    Hell, Tim, around our area, we've got plenty of DJs who get as low as $125.00 per event!!! :sqerr: :sqmad: :sqwink:

    $125.00 per hour is getting to be the middle-of-the-road guys!!
  3. Capital Disc Jockeys

    Capital Disc Jockeys Active Member


    I don't associate myself with those kinds of DJs..
  4. djrox

    djrox New Member

    ..and I certainly wouldn't risk my rep by recommending them.

    Those rates indidcate questionable business practices.
  5. Cap Capello

    Cap Capello Always @ Ur Service

    Tim & Zac: Does that mean I can't come to beer & wing nights with you guys any more?
  6. DJ Zac

    DJ Zac Active Member

    Tim - Snob!!! :sqerr:

    Cap - You are always welcome, no matter HOW cheap you are!! :sqwink:
  7. Cap Capello

    Cap Capello Always @ Ur Service

    Whew! You knows I luvz uz guyz!

    FYI: I'm testing the "club" waters again. Crooked Lake House, this Friday night 7:30pm - 11:30pm (winter hours and [obviously] location). Twice a month on Fridays. It's going to be a musical mix, 99% of it with the videos.
  8. DJ Zac

    DJ Zac Active Member

    Cap - God bless ya! I'd sooner pull out my fingernails and spray myself with pepper spray before going back to that scene...
  9. Capital Disc Jockeys

    Capital Disc Jockeys Active Member

    Crooked Lake House??

    G-damn Cap, 5 feet thataway and you'll be in Rick Halse's Kitchen!! I wouldn't be surprisd if he came in and checked ya out...

    Crooked Lake House Club?? Interesting...Never thought of that place being the next *Sneaky Pete's*...

    Hey Zac, under the right circumstances, we would do it! :sqwink:

    Why not!??
  10. Jamie Simpson

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    I think the region that you play has a lot to do with the packages/overtime.

    I would say about 70%-80% of my events do some type of overtime. For me that is too much money being left on the table.

    I highlighted Matt's post because... the "DJ rockin the House" is just one of many reasons... remember the DJ can be great, but you also need a great group of people that want to stay and rock the house with you. You can't do it by yourself.

    Also, this past Saturday, there was about a 30 minute delay in the main course for dinner. The parents were livid with the place, but playing an extra 30 minutes made sense. Sometimes playing overtime can be out of your control too!

  11. DJ J Mac

    DJ J Mac Bork Bork Bork!

    How true.
  12. Sounds To Go

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    I'm like most of you... I only charge $100/OT, and that amount is always stated up-front in the contract.

    Some people use it as an opportunity to make more money and charge a higher hourly rate than they do for the package itself.

    Way I see it, all business and event-related expenses are accounted for in the base rate they already paid, so each hour OT added at the event is gravy.

    I charge a flat rate for a 4 hr package and $100 ea. addl hr for the event, so peeps pay the same for that hour whether they contract for it or pay it day-of as OT.

    I tell people that since it costs the same either way, they might as well book conservatively and just add OT at the event if they actually use it. This is received really well and builds goodwill.
  13. DJMC

    DJMC Active Member

    I agree when you're not as well established, your approach is best!

    In recent years, I went to a $95 per 1/2 hour OT, but offer the extra hour for $75 to 100 more in the Package.

    Its like Costco -- the bigger the box, the cheaper the price (per unit/hour).

    Ironic about my idea to get reviews in exchange for free OT.

    That was a dumb idea anyway....what was I thinking? (LOL)

    Today's a Yelp review was posted by one of my customers (August 16, 2008) ---an event that had only 25 minutes for dancing, and no Overtime was possible! I wanted to stay extra minutes for free, but the venue would not allow even 10 stinkin' minutes of OT.

    So from my perspective-- the event sucked a big pole, yet the customer wants to give me a big cyber hug. Looking back, I really hustled my butt off, particularly when the photog tripped my extension cord and pulled the plug on my system, right at the end of the ceremony!
  14. Capital Disc Jockeys

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    AMEN!! :sqbiggrin:
  15. DJ Freddy

    DJ Freddy Ableton Remixer!

    I go OT $100.00 every hour after the first four. It has worked for me and I had an event that went 3 hours over! 7 Hr event for party animals! I guess only in Miami! :sqlaugh:
  16. Capital Disc Jockeys

    Capital Disc Jockeys Active Member

    $100/ot?? That's it!!!!

    Why Are you charging $100 per hour for OT?? If you charge for example $150 per hour, then you should charge $175-4200 per hour for OT!!

    Not $100....
  17. DJ Freddy

    DJ Freddy Ableton Remixer!

    This sounds like a post from that other Forum! You should charge this, you should charge that! :sqlaugh:
  18. Capital Disc Jockeys

    Capital Disc Jockeys Active Member

    Freddy.. charge more for OT..
  19. DJ Freddy

    DJ Freddy Ableton Remixer!

    Thanks for the advice but no thanks! You are in New York, you should ask more.
  20. Capital Disc Jockeys

    Capital Disc Jockeys Active Member

    But we are!! Between $200-$400 per hour.
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