Is there still a market for used CDs?

Discussion in 'The Big Show' started by John Allo, Jun 5, 2007.

  1. John Allo

    John Allo Active Member

    I've got hundreds of old DJ CDs I'd like to sell and I am not sure if there's even a market for it. There may not be one amongst DJs as the mp3 revolution continues.

    But what's everyone's gut feeling on having a yard sale clearance sale and selling these?

    I've got everything from George Jones double CD Greatest Hits to all the Madonna albums to CD singles, soundtracks, compilations, and more.

    What would be a good selling price for the general public for these? Or has the iPod and mp3s just killed the market for used CDs.

    Thanks for the input, I really would like to get these out of my office and would like to make back even a small tiny amount of cash for them. I'd hate to have to just toss them because they'd become 8-tracks already.


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  2. HiDefDJ

    HiDefDJ New Member

    John, I'd say at least 60% of my collection is made from used cd's I picked up off eBay. I would say each CD came to about $6 shipped but I did pick up a few for much less.
  3. Papa Deuce

    Papa Deuce Well-Known Member

    I buy many of my used CDs for about $5 - $6 as well from a used CD store. They generally pay $2 - $2.50 per CD they purchase.

    Heck if you had a list I might buy a whole mess of them...
  4. Flyingdjdan

    Flyingdjdan Member

    Yep, I buy used cd's. Love ebay, and amazon.

    Put a list together. They will sell. I am interrested in late 90's - 2002.
  5. John Allo

    John Allo Active Member

    Thanks for the replies, what I am looking for is a complete removal of all my used CDs and I just think selling them on eBay is too piecemeal for my needs.

    I am surprised some stores are still getting 5-6 bucks for them. I was thinking of selling them for a buck each just to get them off my hands.

    Most likely I will be having such a yard sale in July, after the busy June wedding/graduation season passes.

    I need to use the space in my office currently housing the CDs for personal reasons. I probably won't be compiling a list, there's just too darned many of them.

    Thanks again for the replies.
  6. Guest

    Guest Guest

    How many we talkin' about?
  7. Papa Deuce

    Papa Deuce Well-Known Member

    Make me a nice bunch John... I'll buy 30 - 50 of them at $2 each.
  8. John Allo

    John Allo Active Member

    We're talking hundreds. All genres. All are original discs, although some have homemade sleeves I made to make them easier to see titles at gigs.
  9. Bill Kexel

    Bill Kexel Well-Known Member

    I don't think I could ever get rid of all my CDs. I may box them up & put them on a shelf.

    LPs, cassettes, 8 tracks are another story....pitch 'em.
  10. Guest

    Guest Guest

    500? 600? 1000? S&H? Let me know.
  11. DJ Koz

    DJ Koz Member

    It was hard for me to part with my vinyl. After I didn't have them anymore I was like thank God for CDs. I do miss the feel though. Now I'm gradually going towards digital. It will make my life easier. Nothing like hands on though.
  12. Kevin Kelly

    Kevin Kelly Active Member

    John, you could take the whole lot into a local pawn shop or a cd store that sells used cds. Usually these are mom/pop places not chains. Not sure how much you would get for them but they could probably take the whole thing off your hands.
  13. John Allo

    John Allo Active Member

    Kevin, you wanna hear something sad?

    There aren't any used CD stores in my area, not without going into downtown Boston, which I just don't feel like doing.

    I am still going through my piles of stuff, so I am not even sure of what I might find in there.

    Once I've gone through everything, I'll have somewhat of a count. Basically, the stuff is 80's to around 1992 (discovered RPM that year and didn't need to buy individual discs anymore :sqcool: ). Lots of dance and comps from that era, soul and r & b, lots of 50's & 60's, mostly greatest hits type of stuff and multi-artist compilations.
  14. the dogman

    the dogman Active Member

    Well I'll throw my hat in also. I'm interested how many cds
  15. I'd like to know too. I have 6 five foot 4 shelf "garage" style shelves and they are loaded with vinyl from the 20's and up. I have THOUSANDS of albums. I just love music. I have thousands of CD's as well. (and 45's, 78's MD's and 8-tracks) I keep them all. They are all little peices of history. If you're just looking to unload them......let me know.
  16. Precisionpower

    Precisionpower Moderator Staff Member

    Ok, I'll bite on this also.......

    Bottom dollar you need for the whole pile, I'll Pay the shipping...

    You could put the whole pile on E-bay as a CD lot, But with out a list you won't get much...

    We could have a silent (PM) auction right here on ODJT.....

    Get out your wallets boys!!!!!!!
  17. Jeff Romard

    Jeff Romard Moderator Staff Member

    Why not sell them as a lot on Ebay. I would venture a guess that you would get more than at a pawn shop

    Last I heard the local pawn shop was paying $1.00 but I dont think they even buy them here anymore due to downloading
  18. Mr. K

    Mr. K Active Member

    Education For Some

    I've said this before:

    After all the formats have come and gone, so to speak, there will ALWAYS be a market for VINYL.

    CDs are, apparently, on their way "out", thanks to downloading. Even downloading has not been able to deter the die hards.

    VINYL is also the only format that ever goes UP in value.

    At EVERY party, there is AT LEAST one person who comes up to me and tells me how much he/she regrets throwing out his/her VINYL.

    As far as selling used CDs goes, I think that the market for those consists of people who have yet to turn to downloading and those who still have CD players that will buy a CD because it is CHEAPER than downloading the songs it contains.
  19. Don Niles

    Don Niles Member

    I had some old Vinyl Albums that I let the Garbage People take away during Clean Up Week..They were not in good shape and I paid pennies for some of them to begin with at Flea Markets and Yard Sales...But even If I were to retire from the DJ biz which I have no plans to do, I would never part with my CD's at any price.
  20. Mr. K

    Mr. K Active Member

    Ah, one more thing:

    My previous post implies that the records AND CDs are in acceptable condition.

    That, of course, means that an old Beatles original can have a few scratches on it and people will still pay a fortune for it. A CD can have one scratch and it is worthless.
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