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Having trouble sending email to, domains again

Discussion in 'Our DJ Talk Front Desk' started by Big Dan, Nov 30, 2011.

  1. Big Dan

    Big Dan Administrator Staff Member

    AT&T has blocked ODJT from sending email to their domains again. If you have an or email address and aren't receiving private message or thread reply notices this is why. We suggest switching to an alternate address for the time being. I've been manually approving new members with affected email addresses.

    This is the 4th time we've wound up on their black list and the 4th time my emails to their security department have gone ignored, usually the problem clears itself up within a couple weeks.

  2. Well-Known Member

    I've had trouble with godaddy's server getting blacklisted a couple of times. It sucks. Just whine to tech support and wait.

    Thanks for all you do, Dan. This place is gold.
  3. Big Dan

    Big Dan Administrator Staff Member

    AT&T's abuse department finally got back to me. We'll be off their blacklist (again) within 48 hours.
  4. ittigger

    ittigger 100 Acre Industry Icon

    Good job Danno!