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Discussion in 'The Big Show' started by Big Dan, Jun 28, 2012.

  1. Big Dan

    Big Dan Administrator Staff Member

    Who else got hit with this email blast?

    This should be interesting

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  2. Well-Known Member

    So how can it be free if you have to be paid up in order for it to be free? ;)
  3. steve149

    steve149 Urbane Legend

    I got it from my iDJPool subscription as well.
  4. shanefrom302

    shanefrom302 Active Member

    Just something else clients could care less about, just like an adja membership or name badge on a website or business card.
  5. Chuck The DJ

    Chuck The DJ Well-Known Member

    I must not be professional enough, I didn't get it
  6. djvo

    djvo New Member

    DJVO is totally free for the first year for all DJ's in the united states that obtain there music legally from all music sources

    If you need more information feel free to check out our site.
  7. Cesar

    Cesar New Member


    They left off Estate auctions. Flea markets, Garage sales, Pawn shops, music provided by the client etc etc etc
  8. Cesar

    Cesar New Member

    So who is Ken Ivano and I have to wonder if he does more then 25 events a year?

    I don't even think he is a DJ.

    I wonder who the list of DJs signing up will be sold to for marketing.
  9. Jeff Romard

    Jeff Romard Moderator Staff Member

    I haven't received this email but then again I'm in Canada so I probably don't count. I suppose it wouldn't hurt to sign up if you have a legal library, it's another marketing avenue, but I wouldn't put all my eggs in this basket. The whole think kind of reminds me of the KIAA and we have all seen what the members got for their money with them
  10. SoftJock Rick

    SoftJock Rick Industry Icon

    That's about the sleaziest way to make money, that I have ever seen -- and I've seen a lot :eek:

    Hell, if you guys want a logo that says "I'm good", I'll make you one up, and only charge you $10 per year.

    Run Forrest, run!
  11. sightsandsounds

    sightsandsounds Well-Known Member

    I got it, read it, and instantly deleted it.

    Just like Shane said, this is nothing more than a "look at me" ego boost for snob DJs who want to think they are better than everyone else.
  12. SemiRetired DJ

    SemiRetired DJ Active Member

    Are you on this board? Those that aren't, please raise your hand.

    Did you do at least one paid gig in your life?

    If you can answer both questions with a "yes", you are verified as being a DJ.

    See, I didn't even charge you. Go ahead and print out the certification and add your name and date.

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  13. steve149

    steve149 Urbane Legend

    As long as it's free .. I'm ok .. Once they start charging, I'm gone.
  14. steve149

    steve149 Urbane Legend

    BTW, If you are representing DJVO, please consider sponsoring this forum as some of your competitors do before offering services. It isn't fair for our paying sponsors to have you list products or services that compete with them.
  15. djvo

    djvo New Member

    The DJVO is a verification database tracking system to show proof the DJ has obtained their music audio and music video legally for the business disc jockeying. This is FREE For all DJs for their first year.

    Will we also have benefits for all verified members. (Like equipment discounts and more)
  16. sightsandsounds

    sightsandsounds Well-Known Member

    I think everyone's point is clients could care less.....just like clients could care less about anyone being a member of ADJA or the Wedding Wire Awards (yes, we have that on our site, but we do not "promote" it as some big deal).....If you provide quality service and give the client what they ask for (and even exceed those expectations), that is all they care about.

    This verification thing is nothing more than a way for DJs to put down other DJs.
  17. SoftJock Rick

    SoftJock Rick Industry Icon

    How much is it after that? -- I think I saw something like $75 a year...
  18. Jon Tuck

    Jon Tuck RIP Brother. You will be missed. Staff Member

    We already pay AVLA for that wonderful label here in Canada. You mention it to clients here and they go oh are they part of Napster, Frostwire? How do you police the industry and verify the membership? How many agents do you employ to successfully cover the country or countries? Oh wait like Resound here you have sophisticated technology to prove what music we are playing at a given gig and moment right?
  19. djvo

    djvo New Member

    The DJVO is standing up for what is right for the DJs that do everything the right way for them to get the disc jockey jobs instead of the illegal DJs getting the disc jockey jobs.

    The DJVO is a verification database tracking system to show proof the DJ has obtained their music audio and music video legally for the business disc jockeying.

    In January 2012 DJ Verification Organization (DJVO) was formed for the purpose of providing verification and certification that a Disc Jockey¹ is obtaining all formats² of their music audio and music video from legal sources³

    ¹ Disc Jockey: Name variations – Disc Jockey (DJ), Music Video Jockey (VJ), Karaoke Jockey (KJ)
    ² Formats: Music audio and music video: (MP3, MP4, CD, DVD & Vinyl)
    ³ Legal sources: DJ music subscription services, record pools, music pools, video pools, karaoke pools, DJ pools, retail stores, online music stores, promotional music delivery services & record label direct servicing.

    Why the DJVO was formed and what we offer…
    * To show proof the DJ has obtained their music audio and music video legally for the business disc jockeying
    * To help eliminate (Piracy / Copyright Infringement) of music audio and music video file sharing
    * To help eliminate (Piracy / Copyright Infringement) of music audio and music video illegal downloading
    * This will help eliminate the illegal non serviced DJ websites, DJ blogs and DJ file sharing systems that service DJs with copyright infringement music audio and/or music video. The DJ will not be verified if they obtain their music audio and/or music video from these types of sources
    * Artists will get the best exposure possible of their music by the DJ playing the correct versions and the right quality. Not copies and low quality bootlegs that were obtained illegally
    * This will keep it fair for the DJ that does do everything the right way for them to get a disc jockey job instead of the illegal DJ getting a disc jockey job
    * Receipt storage database of music purchased by the DJ (View Copies Of Receipts – Proof Of Purchase)
    * Verification search engine to lookup if a DJ is verified or not verified (Available To Business, Personal And Government Agencies)
  20. sightsandsounds

    sightsandsounds Well-Known Member

    Once again, no one is questioning the goal or legitimacy of the organization, I think what we are saying is that it will be for DJs only, clients could care less.

    How many times have you had a client say "is all your music legal?" I am betting hardly any....but, I am betting many times, you hear "can't you just pull it off Youtube?" or "don't you just download you music?"

    This goes back to the whole concept of many of the snob DJs wanting to "educate" a client. That is not my job. My job is to offer outstanding service and provide a memorable experience to my clients....they do not need to see the wizard behind the curtain, just the end product.